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Energy Medicine   |   Shaman Anita Ancel


   The way of the shaman is the way of Munay - or Love - which transcends the personal and is all encompassing. Shamanism is a way of collaborating with the world of spirit: The Earth, The Sun, The Moon, Water, Plants, Animals... all life. All are powerful allies with wisdom to share.

   By interacting with the energy of all things, the shaman seeks to bring clients into harmony with all life. At one time, just about every culture on Earth employed shamanic practices in some form.

   For more than a century, scientists have shown that everything in

our world is energy. 

  • 186It is discovered that the universe is fields of energy that

       interact with each other.

  • 1900   Published theory states the world is bursts of energy called


  • 1970  Universe as tiny vibrating strings of energy is linked to both 

       quantum and physical worlds.


   The shaman is the facilitator of healing which is a collaborative process.

You play an active role in restoring your energetic balance.

   Each of us has a physical, emotional, and energetic body. Any major issue, trauma or disease is imprinted on each of these bodies. The shaman 

intervenes on the energetic level, where the root of the issue can be traced and removed. A rippling effect occurs, healing the emotional and then the physical levels.  

   By shifting energy, a pathway to profound changes in one's life is opened.This path is an ongoing journey of recovering our sacred relationship with nature and all life. We are inseparable from the natural world. When we are in the right relationship with all life, we are in right relationship with our Soul Self, exactly as we are meant to be. This is the deepest form of healing.  

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