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Energy Medicine   |   Shaman Anita Ancel


  •    How many sessions will I need? That varies from person to person, and will depend on your issue. A person may need as little as one to three sessions, or may decide to engage in sessions on a regular basis over an extended period of time. 

  •    How much time should I leave between sessions? This is energetic work, and you will need time to assimilate it. A period of one to three weeks between sessions is usually recommended. Again, this will depend on individual issues and needs. 

  •    Is there any physical contact involved?  A little bit. During the session I will apply gentle pressure to points at the back of your skull, which are deepening and release points. This helps you enter a deep, relaxed state, which is conducive to healing.  There would also be some contact when using my medicine bundle or herbs. 

  •    Can I have a session if I am pregnant?  Yes, but let me know. We'll avoid doing energy work on your lower chakras. 


  •    Do you do distance healing?  Yes, I do. In energy healing, physical distance is not an issue. I have done sessions with people in Europe and across the United States.

  •    How does a remote session work?  It's much the same as an in-person session, except we connect via phone.  You will lie down at home the same as if you were in my office, and I will work with your energy. 

  •    Do you have a diploma or certification?  I do. I completed the training in energy medicine called the Healing the Light Body School with the Four Winds, an organization founded by Alberto Villoldo, PhD. I continue to take advance courses and train with the Q'ero shaman of Peru. 

  •    Do you have a religious affiliation or restriction?  No, shamanism is a spiritual practice with no religious affiliation. As a shaman, I have deep respect for all religious faiths.


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