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Energy Medicine   |   Shaman Anita Ancel


    Shamans learn how to heal the past, present and  future by getting as close to the

source - soul and spirit - as possible. We do this in many ways: 

    The Illumination Process removes toxic energy associated with a specific issue and replaces it with pure, high-vibrational energy. This is the basic process and the framework within which the other techniques are used.


    The Extraction Process removes toxic or intrusive energies that are present for a

variety of  reasons.  There are several types of extractions: the fluid; crystallized; and underworld extractions. These are incorporated as needed in the Illumination Process.

    Soul Retrieval is a powerful technique common to many shamanic traditions. The shaman journeys to the underworld ~ the realm of the unconscious ~ to retrieve a lost

Soul Part that was rendered inaccessible due to trauma. When brought back and reintegrated, it brings wholeness and healing by clearing karma and fate.  Power animals, spiritual gifts and new contracts can also be attained. There are many other shamanic healing techniques, including: 

  • Dream Work                 

  • Despachos                  

  • Stone Readings               

  • Reset Flight|Fight mode        

  • Land and Building Clearings         

  • Death Rites                    

  • Kutti Protection

  • Destiny Retrieval

  • Cord Cutting

  • Munay Ki Rites

  • Fire | Water Ceremony

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